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Zip Hydro Tap

WellBe is the official distributor of the Zip Tap system on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan.

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Smart drinking water system

Filtration, boiling and carbonation in one tap

we install Zip systems in offices, hotels and apartments. We help you choose a device and provide warranty service. Today we are the only official distributor of Zip Tap systems in Russia.
+7 812 309-84-86

The device replaces the kettle in the kitchen and the cooler in the office. You don’t need to buy filtered water from the store or order water bottles. Zip Hydro Tap is filtered, boiled, carbonated, or chilled water with a single tap. At home and in the office.

  • Boiled water from 100°C to 68°C
  • Chilled water from 5°C to 13°C
  • Heating control with an accuracy of 0.2°C, which eliminates water overheating
  • Special mode for access to hot water, so that children do not get hurt

In the world and Russia

In Britain, one in eight cups of tea is poured from Zip taps. Devices are installed in homes, schools and hospitals, offices and hotels. In Russia, this system is only gaining momentum. Today in Russia only Interway Plus Ltd is the official distributor of Zip Tap systems in Russia and Kazakhstan. Thanks to us, Zip devices have been integrated into the design concepts of office buildings, hotels and private apartments:

  1. Gazprom Export Headquarters in Saint Petersburg
  2. Hyatt Arena Park hotel in Moscow
  3. The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Astana

Coffee point at the Gazprom Export headquarters. Here employees pour hot drinks quickly and without waiting in line.

Service and installation

We help you choose the right Zip device and offer a full cycle of warranty service. We will install the device, remind you that it’s time to replace the filters and bring new ones, fix them if something breaks.
+7 812 309-84-86

Модельный ряд ZipHydro Tap

№п/п Наименование модели Примечание
1 ZipHydro Tap G4 B160 кипящая
2 ZipHydro Tap G4 B240 кипящая
3 ZipHydro Tap G4 BA160 кипящая, окружающей среды
4 ZipHydro Tap G4 BA240 кипящая, окружающей среды
5 ZipHydro Tap G4 BC 100/75 кипящая, охлажденная
6 ZipHydro Tap G4 BC 140/75 кипящая, охлажденная
7 ZipHydro Tap G4 BC 160/175 кипящая, охлажденная
8 ZipHydro Tap G4 BC 240/175 кипящая, охлажденная
9 ZipHydro Tap G4 BCS 100/75 кипящая, охлажденная, газированная
10 ZipHydro Tap G4 BCS 140/75 кипящая, охлажденная, газированная
11 ZipHydro Tap G4 BCS 160/175 кипящая, охлажденная, газированная
12 ZipHydro Tap G4 BCS 240/175 кипящая, охлажденная, газированная