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A club of Vorontsov ponds

Project information:
Moscow, Russia. Udaltsov street, 1 A (BC «Udaltsov Plaza»)
Usage start:
Total area:
800 sq.m.
A-Club, a division of Alfa Bank

A club is a division of Alfa Bank which provides exclusive banking services, the organization of real estate transactions, individual investment strategies, consulting in the field of law, tax, individual clients’ insurance programs. To implement these tasks 10 meeting rooms were required, including  bank windows for cash transactions.


Design feature
The floor plan was organized as follows. In the center of the building there is a lift, then a corridor in the form of a ring, and negotiation rooms are on the perimeter with natural light coming through.

Furniture for this project was made with a combination of two types of veneer: American walnut natural and artificial gray. All items have a complex three-dimensional geometry and were manufactured with aircraft technology on frames and longerons.

We produced two reception desks and a bar counter with complex curvilinear frontal facades and seven image walls, including those with shelves and backlight. 10 tables were manufactured for the meeting rooms: the floor has an area with the same shape as the countertops, the legs of the tables are shaped like beveled cones, within which communication pass, then the countertop itself. There are five coffee tables made in the same way, but without communication, as well as cabinets and pedestals with two types of veneer.

24 Door blocks and two sewing monolithic reinforced concrete columns were made for this project.