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Aegis Media Office

Project information:
Moscow, Imperia Tower
Architectural firm:
Cushman & Wakefield
General contractor:
Usage start:
Total area:
12000 sq.m.
Aegis Media
Anton Spivak, Anton Kim, Sergey Markin, Olga Mitnik

The new Aegis Media office is located on 3 floors of the Imperia Tower in Moscow City. One of the goals of the project was to combine 6 agencies of the group, which were previously in different parts of the city, in a single space.

Aegis Media Plc is a global leader in the field of media communications and marketing solutions. The company has about 12,000 employees in 80 countries. The main field of development of the project was to create an efficient office that would give employees the opportunity to choose the way to work, to stimulate the development of communication between people, to create a sense of unity of style and corporate culture. Employees are able to choose a suitable place to work, depending on the ambiance and the objectives of the work: whether it involves working with a large group in the training hall, brainstorming of the project team in the soft negotiation room or reflections one-on-one behind the coffee desk with a panoramic view over Moscow.


Design feature
Each agency has a separate entrance area, with an unusual reception, image-wall and a comfortable waiting area. One of the reception desks is combined with a sofa. Another very impressive desk is made of artificial stone from the front panel made of wooden veneer. In front of it is the flower vase in the form of stairs with large steps. Under the stairs, there is a utility room, the entrance to which is arranged on the reverse side. The third desk simulates a wooden beam. The ends of the bars have annual rings. Behind it is the image-wall with hollow cubes. The Fourth desk has a very unusual curved top. Another is made of white artificial stone and orange painted MDF. The sixth was prepared by applying textured plaster.

Mini-negotiation cubicles with ceilings made of fabric provide good sound insulation and isolation areas. The bar and the whole composition of the cafe ideally fits its atmosphere. The bar is a metal structure, assembled on three sides of the supporting column.