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Hotel boutique (Gotika)

Project information:
Architectural firm:
Design Studio Amalgam
Usage start:
Total area:
2400 sq.m.
Alexander Lepin

Our goal was to create an interior in the Gothic style. This interior reflected all the main features of Gothic style — arched openings and windows, stained glass, wooden and tile floors, murals, a large number of wooden parts, solid wood furniture with elements of forging. Gothic style has peculiar characteristic patterns: the so-called trifol (shamrock), quadrifolium (four-petalled pattern), the gothic «Rose» (a circle in which is inscribed a stylized flower). High arches are repeated on columns, fantastic animals on stained-glass windows — scenes from the knightly times.

Design feature
A fireplace was installed in the large hall: a monumental portal made of sandstone. The fireplace decoration involved Gothic and Celtic ornaments and a heraldic emblem. Chandeliers with wrought cornices, low-hangers and stained glass inserts, floor lamps, styled like floor candles, creating a medieval atmosphere.

We gave a wooden finish to the entrance area, large Gothic ceilings, carved wall panels, doors, staircases and a library. We used technologies such as the aging of oak wood, patina, varnish with wax effect on the carvings.