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Mikhailovsky Theatre

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St. Petersburg, Arts Square, 1.
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The entrance area of the Mikhailovsky Theatre
Andrew Whistlers

The building of the Mikhailovsky Theatre was renovated in a record time. The renewed ceremonial decoration of the hall and the audience area allow spectators to comfortably spend time in the theater. Our company performed the wooden trim of the front group and produced the doors and historical furniture. In the main hall we see a door with carvings, accentuated with gold and wide sculpted frames. In the corridors there is a mirror with carved gilded frames and pompous ornaments, armchairs with carved details and upholstered with an elegant fabric. The furniture of the  wardrobe was made from solid wood.

The imperial Mikhailovsky Theatre opened in 1833 by decree of Emperor Nicholas I. The Theatre owes its name to the Grand Duke Michael, the youngest son of Paul I. The theater building was erected by A.P. Briullov with the help of A.M. Gornostaev. The architect managed to organically fit the facade into the square ensemble created by Carlo Rossi. In 1859, as a result the renovation project of A. Kavos the scene was extended and the auditorium increased by one tier, the theater interiors were supplemented with spectacular shades, rich mouldings and caryatid figures that adorn the portal of the proscenium till date.

Throughout its history, the theater was renamed several times. The small Opera and Ballet Theatre — Leningrad, and then St. Petersburg. In 1989, the theater was named after M.P. Mussorgsky. In 2001, the Mikhailovsky Theatre regained its historical name and in 2007 it was glorified as the most secular musical theater in St. Petersburg. Today the theater, faithful to the age-old traditions of the Russian musical theaters, seeks to keep abreast of contemporary world theater processes.