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Project information:
Country house in the Moscow suburbs
Architectural firm:

Performed works: designing and implementing interior solutions

In 2016-2017 DWFI interior factory took part in a few interesting private houses projects, including three-storey private residence in Moscow suburbs. Our client was the family from London who spent many years in different countries but finally decided to settle down in Russia. The client possessed advanced taste and precise understanding of comfort and quality level he wants.


The project was developed by DBA-Group architect bureau. The company specializes in engineering and interior design for residential and commercial buildings and private residences. The modern interior is performed using sound expensive materials and technologies as well as using chandeliers and fabrics of the eminent European designers.

The entrance
The entrance meets the guests with the pargetting panel. Our factory manufactured the elevator and the guest area doors with combined veneer upon the designer sketch.
The doors
The rest of the doors have single design and differ only by finishing: veneer, enamel, double faced (see the picture below) and with facet glass.
The furniture
The furniture manufactured for the study was inspired by the works of the famous Cecotti Italian factory.
The host bedroom
For the dining room and host bedroom we made alcantara (artificial suede) cabinets and panels with metal finishing.
Dressing room
The real pearl of the house is the host dressing room with an island in the middle, created using a number of interesting technologies: veneering, alcantara, flocking.
Furniture for bedrooms
We manufactured furniture for guest rooms, children’s bedrooms and bathrooms. Each of those rooms is unique and decorated in its own style.
Interesting shelf space with LED strip lighting has unusual construction fully hidden inside the shelf.
Recreation area
The ceiling in recreation area and gym is made of laths.
The cinema
Inside the cinema we can see the leather mosaic bar counter. The leather pieces’ seams are hidden into the accessories joints.

For DWFI factory the object was really exciting due to its diversity, variety of technologies and engineering tasks that were solved with our brand quality.