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North Versailles

Project information:
Cottage village «Northern Versailles» near St. Petersburg
Private house

The challenge facing our company was to create a large number of technically sophisticated interior items, including three-dimensional elements and carvings.

The house is located in the residential complex «Northern Versailles», where every house is stylized as architectural masterpieces of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. The mansions were made in the «classicism» style and «Peter’s baroque», whereby old drawings and modern technologies were used for their construction. The interior of the building had to fit the atmosphere of the residence.


Design feature
The common area looks very grand and elegant: bright surfaces, carved details, gilding. The doors of the first floor have impressive carved architraves and glass with bevel.

The staircase leading from the first to the second floor is made of white marble and the steps are adorned with stone ornaments. The staircase from the second to the third floor is made of wood and the steps are adorned with see-through carved wooden grilles. Our craftsmen master special installation technologies to mount steps that do not creak.

Climbing up to the second floor, we see a great library with half-columns and other bulky and carved elements, where cabinetry skills can be felt in every little detail.

Furniture and panels for the second floor were made of oak and tinted in a noble dark shade. Children’s rooms are brightly furnished in a light modern style.