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O1 Properties Office

Project information:
Moscow, Valovaya Str., 26, Business Center Lighthouse, 11-12 floors
Architectural firm:
Stanton Williams
General contractor:
RD Construction Management
Usage start:
Total area:
2 000 sq.m.
O1 Properties Management
Control company:
AB Development

The feeling of solidity is felt in every aspect of the interior, special attention was paid to the selection of exclusive natural materials. Natural light is mostly used in every zone, the windows offer a panoramic view of the city. Workspaces are focused around a central common «Avenue», which, on the one hand, facilitates the interaction between employees, and on the other — provides the necessary level of privacy.

The interior was designed by the British architectural bureau Stanton Williams. The design takes into account the company’s commitment to transparency, high quality, modern and functional working environment. During its development special attention was paid to the visual connection between rooms and open office space, the visitors and staff, the business environment and panoramic views of the big city.



Design feature
The main technological complexity was from the installation of partitions since the office has raised floors. A metal frame underneath them is fixed to the rough concrete floors.

After our installation crew completed installation of the built-in reception and the metal bracket, suppliers complied with natural stone cladding. As a result, the joint between the wood and the stone was very neat. A  working desk and cabinet, as well as lamps, sensors and a fan coil grille were integrated into the structure.

The second reception area was entirely decorated in wood. Here we see the veneer wall panels, wall panels with rails on the frame and the reception desk in the form of a parallelepiped without a separate countertop. Behind it is a wodden-glass partition. Part of the wall panels can be opened to revise communications. Wardrobes and a secret door to the kitchen area are in-built. Framed doors and stealth doors with the push-to-open mechanism were mounted at the facility.

Painted glass in the negotiation area serves as a panel for marker drawing. We have designed and built the negotiation table with communications — embedded elements of electrification and communication within the table profile.

The kitchen set is made of artificial stone and is almost built as a one piece U-shaped design.

In 2013 the project was nominated for the prestigious award of Best Office Awards.