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Office building Novatek

Project information:
Moscow, Leninsky Avenue
Number of storeys:
Architectural firm:
SPEECH Choban & Kuznetsov
General contractor:
RD Construction Management
Usage start:
Total area:
12 000 sq.m.
Class A office building
Control company:
Sherwood Premier
Sergey Choban, Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect — Andrew Perlich

The interior of the office building Novatek is a continuation of its exterior, designed by one of the leading Russian architectural bureau SPEECH. Almost all plastic and textured items started in the exterior, were developed in the interior of the office building.

Horizontal relief stone façade cladding units were used as a basic method for the walls of public spaces: double light source lobby, elevator lobbies and corridors. The company Doorway completed non-standard wall panels that echo the relief of the facades. The panels are made of curved plywood produced in Ivory Coast from the local Ceiba tree whose wood is particularly elastic. We have produced about 200 templates for plywood and about 50 accessories to saw plywood items.


Design feature
The conference table in the meeting room attracts attention with retractable monitors and microphone units from Bosch, as well as wall panel cabinet made of MDF. The Bureau and the podium in the conference hall are made of wood and covered with enamel. The glass panel between the window openings are partially tinted: monitors are found on the upper part and there is no toning where they are found. The wall panels behind the Bureau were also manufactured in our production plant.

The reception of the working area is made of MDF and covered with enamel. Special painting techniques were used to prepare the panels of the reception. The panels were painted in stripes, they are partly mat, partly glossy. The wardrobe is unique in shape and is assembled on a wooden frame made of MDF and curved plywood and covered with white enamel. The paint quality of our company is perfect.

We manufactured a set of furniture for the café: a wall panel, combined with a showcase, finished with natural veneer in combination with white enamel. A refrigerator was integrated into showcase lamps were imbedded into the panel above it. We inserted prints on glass in the VIP zone of the cafe: it is a depiction of the nature in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, where the company originates.

One of the important roles assigned to the interior glass: with a glass panel covered with unusual pattern etched on the reverse side of the sheet, glossy pinkish-gray walls of the corridors resemble the glare surface of water. Glass with a special pattern brought from Italy were successfully tinted by us to obtain the desired shade.

Aluminium inlays in doors symbolize the pipeline. The handles on the doors copy the undulations of the facades, translating the macro element shape of the volume-spatial solutions to ergonomic detail, made of brushed stainless steel and wood.