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DWFI. Results of 2019

Dear friends,

As you know, the end of the year is the time to take stock and make plans for the future. Our company is no exception here. At the beginning of last year, 2019, we set ourselves several strategic goals:

  • enter the luxury apartment market;
  • start working in the ship furniture market;
  • return and gain a foothold in the private interiors market.

What have we achieved in the past year?
We are proud to say that all the goals and objectives set for the company have been achieved!

We have completed the construction of pilot apartments in mega cool projects located in the heart of Moscow, on the old Arbat – Turandot Residence and Artizan Club houses. Our products adorn not only the apartments of these residences, but also the common areas, entrance groups, reception areas.

We are proud of our lovingly made products in the Federation Tower Apartments project.
In September 2019, the Federation Tower Apartments received the significant status of “Forbes Russia’s Choice”.

Another project on the apartment market in 2019 is the Lakhta Plaza business hotel, located on the picturesque shore of the Gulf of Finland. We continue to work on its numbers and plan to finish this work at the beginning of the new year.

With a confident, sure step, we are entering the segment of furniture for ships. The high demands placed on furniture of this class have yielded to the experience of our engineers. The test under the load of 40G our furniture adequately withstood! In the coming year, we will continue to work in this very complex, but very interesting and promising market.

And finally, a little bit about private interiors…

Everyone knows the highest quality requirements that are imposed on the contractor by a private customer. In the past year, we have implemented several private projects. The Italians were on their heels, but the skill of our specialists allowed us to perform the work at the highest level!

Thank you to the outgoing year for the excellent projects, for the mastered new technologies, for the strict and demanding customers, for the creative and talented architects.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have lived the past year together with our company!


Plans for 2020

And life is moving forward and the new year 2020 is not far off.

Where will we be in the new year, what are the goals of the company and its employees?
First of all, we want to inform you about a not quite simple task that we have set our sights on.

In the new year, we will present to our customers, old and new, the quintessence of our experience and knowledge in the field of interior production – a new brand of furniture. We have reworked all the best of what we have implemented over the past 10 years in accordance with the latest trends in the interior market and will present you our enchanting collection. We have done a tremendous amount of work to develop our own products. We are pleased to announce the availability of 250 models of unique pieces of furniture and interior elements, made according to the sketches of leading designers and waiting for your orders.

Modern technologies do not leave anyone indifferent. So we decided that it was time to sell furniture using virtual reality technology. At the beginning of next year, we will present to your attention our first virtual project. The project will be implemented for a business-class residential complex under construction in St. Petersburg (details will be available next year).

Sign up for a VR tour of the complex and get acquainted with our products in the projection on real living spaces.

New markets…

Having gained excellent experience in selling furniture and interiors for 5-star hotels, we decided to work in the Qatar market. As you know, in 2022, the next world Cup will be held there. And our company sets a goal to contribute to the manufacture of furniture Qatar ahead of the world Cup.

New partners…

In the coming year, we want to bring to a new level the work with leading Russian architects and designers on the joint development and implementation of new beautiful products for our customers.

New technologies…

Virtual and augmented reality will be included in our design tools and will allow us and our clients to create projects of new magnificent interiors with the minimum expenses and the maximum plausibility.

Old technologies…

For many years, within the company, we have been working on the technology of process control. Next year we will present this technology. A set of effective business processes, a simple interface, variable planning, unique flexibility and much more combined our product “DWFI PRODUCTION SYSTEM”. In the new year, we will offer it to our colleagues in the manufacturing industry and, we are sure, it will be a magic elixir for them that can raise labor productivity to a new level.

Green technologies…

What do people most often wish for each other? Of course-health!
A healthy lifestyle directly depends on the quality of the water we use.
In the new year, our company enters with the slogan: “you Give every home, every office, every project that cares about human health-a water treatment system»
Our partners are ZIP WATER and Borg & Ovestrom join our goals for the next year and wish all our customers only clean tap water and excellent health!!!

All health, success, innovation and profits in the New Year 2020!!!

With love to you, DWFI team…